Monday, April 29, 2013

Get to know the women of "If She Stood"

Seated in the Bride’s performance space, which has been transformed into a 19th century Quaker meeting, for the world premiere production of If She Stood audiences meet four women who collectively stood to abolish slavery, literally invent the women’s rights movement and right a host of societal wrongs: Sarah Mapps Douglass, Sarah Grimke, Angelina Weld Grimké, and Sarah Pugh.

Sarah Mapps Douglass was an outspoken abolitionist, educator, public lecturer, writer, and crusader for equal rights. Both her parents were prominent African American abolitionists. Sarah grew up deeply rooted within the abolitionist movement and participated in many areas. With her mother, Sarah helped establish the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society in 1833, and she served as the manager, recording secretary and as its librarian. Her contributions and commitment to African American education were vast, teaching both children and adults. In 1820, at the age of 16, Sarah opened a school for black children. In 1853, Sarah headed the preparatory department at the Philadelphia Institute for Colored Youth, and for over 25 years, she was a teacher and administrator at the school. Sarah publicly and openly expressed her opposition to the segregation African Americans faced in the Quaker meeting houses of worship that she attended. The Douglass family forged social and political networks with both black and white abolitionists. She maintained a long and close friendship with Sarah and Angelina Grimké, daughters of South Carolina slaveholders. The Grimkés joined the abolitionist movement within the Philadelphia Quaker community in the early 1830s. In her letters to Sarah Grimké, Douglass revealed the pain of encountering race prejudice among fellow Quakers. The Arch Street meeting, for example, required blacks and whites to sit on separate benches. Although her mother continued to attend the Arch Street Meeting, Sarah eventually stopped attending.

Sarah Pugh, an educator who founded her own school, joined the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society in 1838 and served as its presiding officer. She was also a member of the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society. At the first meeting of the PFASS at Pennsylvania Hall, a pro-slavery mob burned the building. The convention continued in Pugh’s classroom, and the group pledged to expand the relationship between whites and African-Americans. After the Civil War, Sarah Pugh helped to establish schools for freed slaves, as well as continuing her work for women’s rights as a member of the Pennsylvania Women’s Suffrage Association.

Sarah Moore Grimké, along with her sister Angelina, is one of the most notable figures in the founding of PFASS after Lucretia Mott. Sarah was the author of the first developed public argument for women's equality and she strived to rid the United States of slavery, Christian churches which had become “unchristian,” and prejudice against African-Americans and women. Her writings gave suffrage workers such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott several arguments and ideas that they would need to help end slavery and begin the women’s suffrage movement.

Sarah Grimke is categorized as not only an abolitionist but also a feminist because she challenged the church that touted their inclusiveness then denied her. Angelina’s impassioned positions about women’s rights were made known through her famous speeches made to mixed gender audiences. Her stances were considered so radical for the time that she was condemned by clergymen. It was this condemnation that led to the sisters’ greater involvement in advocating for women’s rights alongside of their work for Abolition. It is interesting to note that the Grimkés came from a slaveholding family, and they used their firsthand witness accounts to bolster their impassioned speeches denouncing the institution.

Furthermore, Angelina’s speeches to “promiscuous” (mixed gender) audiences were so scandalous in the minds of pro-slavery advocates that it is widely believed that her appearance as a speaker at Pennsylvania Hall in 1838 is what led to the pro-slavery riots that resulted in the burning of the structure. Itinerant speaking for abolition was a very dangerous occupation for both women and men. Local audiences were often hostile, sometimes violent.

Angelina Weld Grimké, the great niece of the Angelina Grimké, was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She was an African-American journalist, teacher, playwright and poet who was part of the Harlem Renaissance; she was one of the first African-American women to have a play performed. Grimké's theatrical work Rachel was also one of the first plays to protest lynching and racial violence. Her father, Archibald, was the second African American to graduate from Harvard Law School.

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