Thursday, January 31, 2013

LIberty, Justice and Civil Rights for One and All

Think of a time when "all" meant "all white males who owned land." That time would have been in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, when the United States was being formed.

Nowadays land is almost a synonym for property, but then property could have been people.  Legally slaves were considered personal property. Owning slaves increased the man's net worth, but also increased taxes and assessment. So having property – both real and personal – indicated wealth, status and power, all things kept for a few instead of shared with many.

Imagine a time when "all" meant "all white males." That time would have been around 1820, when "universal suffrage" meant all white men could vote. The circle enlarged to include the common man, but African Americans, women, Native people and others stood outside.

But justice and passion can not be contained. So think of a time when those standing outside decided everyone should stand together.

I could be talking about today, couldn't I? But I'm talking about the 1830s, when the women and men spoke against oppression by speaking to one and all.

Abby Kelley Foster
I linger on the last few words because I'm thinking of Abby Kelley Foster.

She became an abolitionist in 1837,  after hearing William Loyd Garrison speak. She became a follower and then a prominent organizer and speaker.  She was radical, demanding an immediate end to slavery and equal rights for African Americans and women.

She practiced when she preached before "promiscuous audiences" - the term for a mixed gender crowd. But she went further.

In 1838, she spoke at the Second Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women. She was one of several women who took the podium in newly constructed Pennsylvania Hall, addressing a crowd of white and African American men and women. It was all too much for anti-abolitionists to bear.  They attacked the speakers that night. The next day, a mob surrounded the building and burned it to the ground.

Try to imagine a time when "all" means any one can enjoy privileges and rights shared by every one.
One day. One day

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  1. I had never heard of Abby Kelley Foster before now, but based on this writeup and quote, I am glad you're highlighting her voice!

  2. Thanks for stopping by to post a comment. As I write and research, I'm learning so much about women, civil rights and commitment to causes.

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